The Glutathione Man

Dr Herbert T Nagasawa and Robert E Chan
Herbert T Nagasawa
The Glutathione Man

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Jeanette C Roberts talks about Dr. Herbert T Nagasawa

Dr Herbert T Nagasawa
Dr. Herbert T Nagasawa
The Father of RiboCeine™

Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Herbert T Nagasawa received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Western Reserve University (now, Case-Western Reserve) in Cleveland, Ohio, and a Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry from the University of Minnesota.

He spent two years as a Post-doctoral Fellow in biochemistry at the University of Minnesota before joining the research staff of the V.A. Medical Center in Minneapolis as a Senior Chemist.
He was appointed Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Minnesota in 1959, and was named Principal Scientist of the V.A. Medical Center in 1961. He was promoted in 1963 to Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and to Professor in 1973.
In 1976 he was promoted to Senior Research Career Scientist, a nationwide VA title reserved for top VA's scientists.

Dr Herbert T Nagasawa also held joint professorships in the Department of Pharmacology and the university-wide Division of Toxicology, and served as Visiting Professor at Washington State University in 1990.
He also served for 32 years as a Senior Editor for the prestigious International Journal of Medicinal Chemistry from 1972 to 2004, and one year as Acting Editor-in-Chief.
In addition, he served on the Editorial Board of the journal, Bioconjugate Chemistry for eight years, and as an ad hoc grant reviewer for the NCI and NIAAA, National Institutes of Health.
He has published over 186 papers in peer-reviewed journals as of 2021.

The Inventor of the 3 minute Cyanide Antidote
Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa is the inventor named on ten U.S. and PCT patent applications.
University of Minnesota Center for Drug Design and Minneapolis VA Medical Center researchers have discovered a new fast-acting antidote to cyanide poisoning,  discovered by retired
University of Minnesota Professor Herbert T Nagasawa.


Dr Herbert T Nagasawa joining with Max International in taking Riboceine to the world
"Glutathione is so important…it encompasses the whole spectrum of your organism.
For example, it is important in talking about, not so much the antioxidant properties, but it is important for having amino acids get transported (that means protein synthesis), it is important in regulation, it is important in maintaining your immune system healthy, and finally, it is important as the protective agent that actually sequesters free radicals that you get from the environment.
And the organs that are highest in glutathione levels: that is the eye, the ears, the lung, the liver, the kidneys, and the skin.
These organs have the highest concentrations of glutathione, for good reason, because these organs are subject to all of the toxins in the environment.
When I started to work on glutathione and started to find out all of the ramifications of glutathione and …then we found that a particular molecule can replenish the glutathione,…I felt that this technology, if not transferred within my lifetime, I would be very unhappy.
I’d like to be able to have this technology transferred, and the only way to transfer this technology, is to have a commercial entity do it. Myself, being a scientist, I have absolutely no knowledge of the business.
And I’ve been taught, when I was in school, that…if you have a discovery,
the first thing you have to do is patent it.
And second thing if you want to have it disseminated is to get a commercial person to do it and stay out of it.
Just stick to the science." 

Research interests
"My research interests over the past several decades have been in the design of prodrugs of biologically active substances, some of them of endogenous origin. For example, the design and synthesis of prodrugs of glutathione, known as the master cellular antioxidant, as well as its biochemical precursors, in order to render them orally bioavailable. Research on the biochemical-pharmacology of cyanamide, an alcohol deterrent drug whose action is to inhibit the enzyme aldehyde dehdrogenase (AlDH), led to the identification of the highly reactive nitroxyl (HNO), the active metabolite of cyanamide that inhibits ALDH, and the development of a series of nitroxyl prodrugs that were potent inhibitors of this enzyme.
Based on principles learned above, various prototype prodrugs of the chemically unstable 3-mercaptopyruvate (3-MP), the endogenous transamination product of L-cysteine, were developed as novel and highly effective cyanide antidotes. 3-MP is a substrate for 3-merecaptopyruvate sulfur transferase (3-MST), the ubiquitous enzyme found in the cells of most organs including the central nervous system, and is converted to a reactive sulfane sulfur that detoxifies highly toxic cyanide to innocuous thiocyanate."

Dr Herbert T Nagasawa about his new inventions

More recently, attention has been directed toward the design of

  1. hydrogen sulfide generators that could protect against ischemic-reperfusion injury following a heart attack, and

  2. rationally-designed nicotine haptens that provide more specific nicotine antibodies for the development of smoking cessation products.

Herb's personal message to me on 28th October 2021
Thanks so much for the nice words and the 3 slides. I don't deserve all the accolades. All I did was develop Riboceine, and you all did the rest. I am continuing my research and hope to come up with another product before I succumbed to my age--so far so good. Keep up your good work and I will do MY best!

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Dr. Herbert T Nagasawa - The Father of RIboceine


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